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Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1946, fourth generation of artists. I express my own artistic passion by recording nature on the canvas in a conventional and realist painting manner. I have exhibited in several countries, my works are included in private and public collections worldwide.
The subjects of my paintings include rural landscape, sea views, figure and still life, abstract and drawing.The drawing and the composition are the basis of my painting. My still lifes characterized by the symbolic position of the objects within the composition and the atmosphere that surrounds them. In the figure the main thing is the psychology of the portrayed. In the landscape highlights the perspective, the atmosphere and point of view of the scene. My abstract painting is inspired by aerial views of satellites and drones, many times I paint these aerial views with a realistic touch within the abstraction.
My paintings invite the viewer to enjoy a visual experience of balance and tranquility.

Some exhibitions:
1972 - Group, 12 Etchers of Israel. Leeds England
1972 - Group, The Kibutz Etchers. Tokio Japan
1972 - One man show, Rothchild Gallery. Haifa Israel
1973 - One man show Memorial House, Ramat Yohanan Israel
1975 - Two Artists, Diukan Gallery. Tel Aviv Israel
1976 - Retrospective, Ramat Yohanan Israel
1977 - Two Artists, Roughton Galleries. Dallas, U.S.A.
1979 - Internacional Art Fair, Bazel Swizerland
1984 - One man show , Yurek Gallery. Ramat Hasharon Israel
1986 - One man show, Yad Lebanim House. Rishon Letzion Israel
1986 - One man show, Inauguration of his new Estudio. Israel
1986 - Two Landscape painters, Gvanim Gallery. Rehobot Israel
1987 - One man show, Zerubabel Haviv House. Rishon Letzion Israel
1989 - The IX Art International Bienale in Valparaiso - Chile
1991 - Participation in the First Internacional Art Fair Fair - Israel
1992 - One man show, Wildeshausen Gallery. Germany
1992 - Internacional Art Fair. Oldenburg Germany
1993 - Exhibition "The Artistic Engraving" The Artist House - Israel
1993 - Los Angeles - ArtExpo International. U.S.A.
1994 - The New York - ArtExpo International. U.S.A.
1994 - Participation in The Art-Focus. R.Letzion. Israel
1994 - Participation in the Wine Festival Events Exhibicion - Israel
1995 - One man show "The Beauty of the Myth"Artists House in Israel
1996 - The New York ArtExpo. U.S.A.
1997 - New York ArtExpo- Miami ArtExpo- Los Angeles ArtExpo U.S.A.
1998 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A.
1999 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A.
2000 - The New York ArtExpo Milenium U.S.A
2000 - The Las Vegas ArtExpo U.S.A
2001 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A
2002 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A
2002 - "The Blending of two Cultures" The Embassy of Chile in Israel
2003 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A
2014 – “Equilibrium” One man show, Perez & Ortiz Fine Art Gallery, Santiago - Chile

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